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Q&A with Holocaust survivor, Paula Lebovics

Throughout the virtual experience we received a lot of questions for featured Holocaust survivor Paula Lebovics and the USC Shoah Foundation. Below, find answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

What was the worse part at Auschwitz?
Every second in Auschwitz was the worst part. It felt like an eternity.
When were you liberated?
I was liberated on Jan 27, 1945 at 11 yrs old.
Did any of your family members survive?
My mother and three brothers survied. But my father and sisters were killed.

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Classroom Resources

Below please find a number of activities to use in your classroom both before and after the Virtual Experience. The pre-activities provide background to prepare your students for the Virtual Experience. The post-activities enable your students to consider what they learned and to further discuss and apply the lessons.

Pre-Virtual Experience Activities

Post-Virtual Experience Activities

*Additional Holocaust curriculum materials can be found at Echoes and Reflections.